Wednesday, November 29, 2006

25 knitting days left until Christmas

So the final pair of tulip toes is done being knit and it currently soaking in a casserole dish of water and vinegar. The first two pairs bled a little during their blocking so I'm giving these a soak pre wash in hopes that I can look in the color and not make a pink wardrobe even pinker and maybe splotchier.

So now I must return to my regularlly schedule Christmas knitting which once I got 1/6th done I had to totally rip out so now I need to remind myself that I am 0/6ths done and hope that it is motivating : )

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On my front step

waiting for me - such a relief when you come home from work and there is something there to make you smile instead of being constantly irritated like you are at work... well at least I am : )

And I am also working on the third and final pair of tulip toes : ) I'm on the happy side to be done with these - not that they were bad to make but 3 pairs in two weeks has been a little monotonous but on the other hand it has given me the opportunity to completely ignore my Christmas projects which I always enjoy

Friday, November 17, 2006

Little Model

Here's a picture of my niece modelling her peapod baby set : )

Thursday, November 16, 2006

tiptoeing through the tulips

So finally I have one pair

of the two pairs of the two pairs of tulip toes booties I have to make by saturday finished and blocking. I should have probably turned them over this morning so they would dry faster but I guess this afternoons flipping will have to do. I am working on the foot portion of bootie #3 which being smaller is going faster. I have been questioning the wisdom of starting the larger pair that aren't for a shower gift first but I'm sure between tonights 2 hour meetup and tomorrow driving in the dark I'll be able to magically finish....

Then in the mail came the most exciting thing - Selbustrikk in all it's glory with some yarn ready to make so great norweigan mittens until I discovered that they need size 0 needles I have 1 so now I need another set of size 0 addis before I can make anything... the horrors of having to shop : )

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the saddest thing

besides last night's Gilmore Girls episode was going yesterday to the Rosemont Convention Center (home of this years Stitches Midwest) and having there be no yarn - I'm fairly certain that it should always be full of yarn from now on

Saturday, November 11, 2006

the power of technology

So I got my new computer and have been ignoring my blog and Tivo in favor of trying to figure out how this thing is going to work and it's going okay with a few minor exceptions caused not by my new computer but by me being an idiot or my old computer being exceptionally old. Anyone who has ideas on how to transfer data from a 1998 Compaq desktop to my new fancy laptop let me know.
So today I spent the day working on the tulip toes booties and got one done seen off to the left posing with some realy flowers : ) because someone I'm sure would have thought that the browning rose on the bottom left was something they do now with artificial flowers to make them look real. All the ends are woven in on number one except the Icord (which Melissa made Thanks : ) )

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

combos : )

So yesterday my new computer came I ran how and charged it up so I could scan something realized that you don't get a printer cable to connect your printer and computer and that my old cables weren't going to work. So I used the copy function thankfully it works without being connected to the computer. Then I ran and voted and went to the post office before going to knitting meetup.
I knit the same section of the tulip toe booties 3 times while I was at meetup. But I did feel very up to date technology wise using my new wireless notebook computer at Panera at knitting meetup. Hopefully the tulip toes will go quicker from now until I finish two pairs by next weekend.
Then Vi posted about how she's obsessed with getting this book which after looking at the patterns I am too - if anyone knows where you can get it in the US let me know.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the mail

my new computer came today it left china yesterday and arrived here today - that seems pretty fast to me : )
I can't wait to get home and start playing with it and getting everything all figured out
No real knitting progress to post i have been working on Christmas projects - hopefully those can get done soon.
I am trying to knit a bathroom rug - I have a plan that involves using the Icord machine it's not working well so I am going to try Melissa's and see if her's works any better

Thursday, November 02, 2006

One thing done

One thing done - sewn together and ends woven in and everything : )

a million things to go...

I actually started working on two Christmas projects so that's good - starting before December and all.
I also have two presents purchased and have been toying with the idea of wrapping them ahead of time.
Yesterday was also the first day of NaNoWriMo and I wrote 0 words so I'm about 1700 behind so far - that seems like good progress doesn't it?