Thursday, November 16, 2006

tiptoeing through the tulips

So finally I have one pair

of the two pairs of the two pairs of tulip toes booties I have to make by saturday finished and blocking. I should have probably turned them over this morning so they would dry faster but I guess this afternoons flipping will have to do. I am working on the foot portion of bootie #3 which being smaller is going faster. I have been questioning the wisdom of starting the larger pair that aren't for a shower gift first but I'm sure between tonights 2 hour meetup and tomorrow driving in the dark I'll be able to magically finish....

Then in the mail came the most exciting thing - Selbustrikk in all it's glory with some yarn ready to make so great norweigan mittens until I discovered that they need size 0 needles I have 1 so now I need another set of size 0 addis before I can make anything... the horrors of having to shop : )


Blogger Jess said...

Wow? That pattern hurts my head to think about!

19/11/06 20:17  

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