Thursday, March 11, 2010

Apolo Ohno

Apolo Ohno recently came to my work and we all had the opportunity to get our picture taken with him and ask him questions.
I stood in line debating on if I should ask him to pose with Knitted Audrey Hepburn (KAH) or not. Not everyone would ask an Olympic gold medalist to hold a knitted doll in front of all their co-workers. He was actually really great about it and asked who she was. Everyone has commented that my picture is the only one where he looks like he is genuinely smiling. I'm choosing not to believe it's because he thinks I'm crazy!


Blogger theminx said...

oh's going to think we knitter are nutty (and of course we are!)

Lucky you though. Jealous. :)

12/3/10 07:33  
Anonymous Erica said...

How fun! Did Apollo try to run (or skate) away from your yarn? =)

21/3/10 22:26  
Blogger Kelly said...

No he didn't see the yarn just KAH : )

22/3/10 13:53  
Blogger Kelly said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

22/3/10 13:53  

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