Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Here's the group photo from last night's meetup
My sock is the blue one, Erica's is green, Michelle's is red and the brown one is Melissa's
Erica was kind enough to take a picture since my camera is loaned out.
And what's the point of knitting these socks if you can't prove it : )
I thought I posted this then looked today and it wasn't there oops

Bavarian Twisted Stitch

has now officially been renamed to Bavarian Torture Stitch

Monday, June 11, 2007


I finally finished the baby blanket and started working on my cabled blanket again. Right now the cabled blanket is about 36x38 now I've been thinking 36x48 would be good proportions.
I have to have it finished by Saturday around 2 after driving to Green Bay so I need to allow in a few hours for driving and sleeping between now and then would be good ideas as well : )
Hopefully I can make more progress tonight than I did this weekend.
The new Knitty is up today as well! go look!