Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I posted my items on Etsy on monday and I still haven't sold anything - for some reason I expected to sell things the first day - I don't know why but I did. Another plan to conquer the world defeated :)
Oh well.
I have about 6 1/4 dishclothes knit so far so I'm thinking I'll knit up to 10 and then stop and see if any ever sell.

Monday, July 24, 2006


So it's another week already..
I knit some more dishclothes this weekend - I think I may turn them into a speed knitting project to see if I can get my time down : )
I am going to sell them on - if anyone hasn't checked out the site yet it's worth looking at all kinds of handmade crafts.
I went and saw the 2nd Pirates movie and really enjoyed that - and on Friday I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had mini corn dogs on Friday - I could eat those again : )

Thursday, July 20, 2006

knit martini glass

so here's the finished (well I didn't weave the ends in) Martini glass dishcloth - I can't find the website I got the pattern from if I find it in my mess of knitting links I'll post it
(I swear the stitches aren't wonky it's on a cake pedastal that dips in which is why it looks strange)

yesterday I went and played tennis for the first time in a long time like a year and it went as well as can be expected
then after we were done I thought it was a good idea if we ran around the track for a mile - bad idea I got about 100 yards before I had terrible cramps in my legs and could barely move - they still hurt today - my friend then ran around for the entire mile makeing me feel totally out of shape and generally like a loser so we are going to do it again next week

Monday, July 17, 2006

baby hats 2 down 4 to go

So I finished the cabled baby hat
I don't know if it's the cables or something else that makes it look very narrow and very long - we'll see someday I suppose how it looks on an actual baby. I have plans to knit 4 more hats but the last two don't need to be done until sometime in October or early November for a baby shower so I have plenty of time.

So then I started a martini glass dishcloth for a family I know with the last name of Martini I got about half of it done before the heat of the day rendered me unable to knit any longer.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A little mist

Last night my meetup group went to Ravinia for a little Mozart and knitting - and a little mist and a few raindrops. It was fun and I charged up my camera batteries to take picture and then left my camera at home - a really well thought out plan.
I was working on the cabled baby hat until I dropped a stitch and couldn't fix it because of darkness.
We didn't even get too many strange looks for knitting in public so that was fun - either that or we were too busy eating and knitting to notice the usual stares.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Picture Catch Up

So here's the hat that I worked on at my family reunion - 2 of my grandma's sisters know how to knit so I got some questions about what I was making (besides people asking if I was pregnant because I was knitting a baby hat).
I started on a second hat with cables which is making me despise the addi naturas even more I really hate them - give me turbos any day.
And then my closet photo so well organized now. I still need to put the other suitcase full of shoes back in but other than that it's loaded up and very well organized and even has a knitting section it store my giant ziploc bags full or yarn and the knitting books that kept falling off the coffee table.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Already Wednesday

So it's already wednesday the work week will be officially half over at noon today.
Saturday at my family reunion I made a baby hat. I started another one last night while I was watching the forth of July specials on TV.
I also put up the closet organizer in my room and this one took a lot less time (only twice as long as recommended. I have clothes in my room again. I have a very small number of pants - and tanktops and a massive amount of tshirts.
I'll take pictures of the closet and the hats tonight, leaving your camera at work makes it difficult to take pictures of things at your house