Wednesday, November 29, 2006

25 knitting days left until Christmas

So the final pair of tulip toes is done being knit and it currently soaking in a casserole dish of water and vinegar. The first two pairs bled a little during their blocking so I'm giving these a soak pre wash in hopes that I can look in the color and not make a pink wardrobe even pinker and maybe splotchier.

So now I must return to my regularlly schedule Christmas knitting which once I got 1/6th done I had to totally rip out so now I need to remind myself that I am 0/6ths done and hope that it is motivating : )


Blogger Crystal said...

I know the feeling. I knitted 9 inches of my husband's Fair Isle vest took photos for my blog and everything to later discover I knitted the pattern wrong. I was so upset. I had so much fun fixing that. I have learned my lesson on swatching, it not just for gauge. : )

29/11/06 14:08  

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