Wednesday, November 08, 2006

combos : )

So yesterday my new computer came I ran how and charged it up so I could scan something realized that you don't get a printer cable to connect your printer and computer and that my old cables weren't going to work. So I used the copy function thankfully it works without being connected to the computer. Then I ran and voted and went to the post office before going to knitting meetup.
I knit the same section of the tulip toe booties 3 times while I was at meetup. But I did feel very up to date technology wise using my new wireless notebook computer at Panera at knitting meetup. Hopefully the tulip toes will go quicker from now until I finish two pairs by next weekend.
Then Vi posted about how she's obsessed with getting this book which after looking at the patterns I am too - if anyone knows where you can get it in the US let me know.


Blogger Crystal said...

How cool you got a new computer. Now you can Blog 24/7.

8/11/06 14:47  

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