Friday, June 30, 2006

The week in review

What I learned:
1. Canadians really don't care about famous people. They see Cameron Diaz and David Lee Roth and don't point it out to you that they are sitting 15 feet away. Not even a hey did you see...
2. Just because your friends husband wants a Canadian Tire near his house does this mean you should try and convince Canadian Tire to open an IL branch.
3. Just because some Canadians you meet live in Toronto does not mean they know the Yarn Harlot or have ever heard of her, and the more you talk about Stephanie the more confused they look.
4. The Frenchman you recommend to look at Knitters Review Forums (Snitz Forums) as a good software provider for a possible forum for you new association forum will look at you like you are insane, even though his mother is a knitter.
5. Canadians can really drink, outpaced me 2 to 1 without flinching.
6. Offering to give a presentation comparing coworkers to people in the Sound of Music will not convince your boss to let you go to Munich.
7. Making a sign that says Munich or Bust and flashing it to other conference participants during presentations will get a lot of laughs, high fives and some blank stares but will not convinve your boss to let you go to Munich.
8. Its really hard to not send emails in 60+ hours scary even - I may have had withdrawal symptoms : )

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm done

At last a finished object!
The picture to the left is the finished socks with the leftover yarn from the skein. It's Socks that Rock Ruby Slippers and its the new skein size - there is plenty of yarn left to have made longer socks or a patterned sock - I have size 8 feet if anyone needs a size reference.
Here's a picture that I took using my cameras timer I think it turned out okay : )

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sometimes I really do knit

Look it's actual knitting content for my knitting blog - it's like a miracle. I finished going the decreases and can now knit round after round until I get to the toe decreases I'm thinking this will go pretty fast. I tried on sock #2 yesterday and even though I thought the knitting was loose it appears to be smaller than sock #1 (or sock 1763) so I guess I can worry less about my tension and things will still work out fine.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A new hobby

I decided that I need a musical hobby so I ordered this from ebay:

After my initial try last night I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a lot of practice unless of course the whistle is supposed to be screechy and terrible sounding. I'm pretty sure it's not.
After I become a professional tin whistle player I'm thinking of quitting my job and going on tour with an Irish folk band. I'm sure the list of ten songs provided in my book and accompannying CD will be plenty to work from - most Irish folk bands play Mary had a little lamb don't they??

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Okay so I think I have officially hit a knitting slump - I finished the heel flap in my sock (I've knit 12 rows on the heel since last tuesday) and have no interest in it - the Clapotis hasn't been touches in weeks - I just don't want to do it.
Maybe it's because I'm sick or maybe I just need new projects - I do still enjoy looking at the giant ziploc bags I have full of yarn. I feel guilty starting a new project when I have other stuff on the needles maybe I shouldn't be worrying about how many WIPs I have and should just start another one. I could fix the sweater I need to lengthen.

Friday, June 09, 2006

candy time

so here's my haul from the Candy Expo this past Tuesday - it's the one day of work every year that is lots of fun

and here's my picture on a chocolate suckers - it's called chocolateography - they had a really fun booth - they just should have let you look at your hair before they took the picture

Thursday, June 08, 2006

bye bye blanket

This is farewell to the pinwheel blanket it's being sent to it's new owner today - I've had this all done except sewing in the ends since the first day of the knitting olympics months ago. Then in true procrastinator form I totally ignored sewing in the ends until after the baby was born then panicked a little and sewed them in and packed it into tissue paper and is ready to go to the post office after work today.
I also have more pictures of the only fun day of work every year but I left my camera at home and used the work camera to take this picture of the pinwheel. So tomorrow you will be able to see my face emblazoned onto a chocolate sucker (if I remember my camera).
So safe journey blankey until you arrive to Aubrey.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Experiment #2

I mixed up dark red, bright red and blue and had planned on mixing the colors to have various shades of red but when I put the red and blue on the yarn it reminded me so much of summer I just left them how they were and covered the bit of dark red I had used with the bright red.

Laying out the yarn like this instead of pouring the dye into the crockpot created a bit more of a mess.

I dribbled some dye while I was moving the skein into the crockpot and it made a red splotch in the blue and also a redish tone to part of my table. I am trusting the magic eraser will take care of that problem.
This is the most pourly twisted hank in all of North America. I think I need a bit more practice to get good at this.

Here's as peony that Melissa thought needed to be inside the stem was broken so now it's handing out with the dye stuff on my table. I wonder if I put dye in the bowl if it would turn red or blue.....