Saturday, November 11, 2006

the power of technology

So I got my new computer and have been ignoring my blog and Tivo in favor of trying to figure out how this thing is going to work and it's going okay with a few minor exceptions caused not by my new computer but by me being an idiot or my old computer being exceptionally old. Anyone who has ideas on how to transfer data from a 1998 Compaq desktop to my new fancy laptop let me know.
So today I spent the day working on the tulip toes booties and got one done seen off to the left posing with some realy flowers : ) because someone I'm sure would have thought that the browning rose on the bottom left was something they do now with artificial flowers to make them look real. All the ends are woven in on number one except the Icord (which Melissa made Thanks : ) )


Blogger Sourire11 said...

Thanks for your suggestions for thanksgiving on my blog! I'm totally going to buy some canned gravy as a back up plan now. Better to be safe than have dry mashed potatoes.

your tulip booties look adorable - I like how they are posed with the real flowers. and good luck with your new computer!

14/11/06 12:17  

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