Monday, June 05, 2006

Experiment #2

I mixed up dark red, bright red and blue and had planned on mixing the colors to have various shades of red but when I put the red and blue on the yarn it reminded me so much of summer I just left them how they were and covered the bit of dark red I had used with the bright red.

Laying out the yarn like this instead of pouring the dye into the crockpot created a bit more of a mess.

I dribbled some dye while I was moving the skein into the crockpot and it made a red splotch in the blue and also a redish tone to part of my table. I am trusting the magic eraser will take care of that problem.
This is the most pourly twisted hank in all of North America. I think I need a bit more practice to get good at this.

Here's as peony that Melissa thought needed to be inside the stem was broken so now it's handing out with the dye stuff on my table. I wonder if I put dye in the bowl if it would turn red or blue.....


Blogger Vanessa said...

What will you be doing w/ ALL this yarn? Can I buy some w/ my "friend" discount?

5/6/06 23:24  

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