Friday, June 30, 2006

The week in review

What I learned:
1. Canadians really don't care about famous people. They see Cameron Diaz and David Lee Roth and don't point it out to you that they are sitting 15 feet away. Not even a hey did you see...
2. Just because your friends husband wants a Canadian Tire near his house does this mean you should try and convince Canadian Tire to open an IL branch.
3. Just because some Canadians you meet live in Toronto does not mean they know the Yarn Harlot or have ever heard of her, and the more you talk about Stephanie the more confused they look.
4. The Frenchman you recommend to look at Knitters Review Forums (Snitz Forums) as a good software provider for a possible forum for you new association forum will look at you like you are insane, even though his mother is a knitter.
5. Canadians can really drink, outpaced me 2 to 1 without flinching.
6. Offering to give a presentation comparing coworkers to people in the Sound of Music will not convince your boss to let you go to Munich.
7. Making a sign that says Munich or Bust and flashing it to other conference participants during presentations will get a lot of laughs, high fives and some blank stares but will not convinve your boss to let you go to Munich.
8. Its really hard to not send emails in 60+ hours scary even - I may have had withdrawal symptoms : )


Blogger Jess said...

Canadia! Did you have to learn Canadian before you went? :P I know about the Canadian drinking - I went to a wedding north of Toronto, and I was *floored* by what the attendees put away. They actually took a break during the reception to put on skits so that folks could sober up and start again.

1/7/06 18:07  

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