Thursday, July 20, 2006

knit martini glass

so here's the finished (well I didn't weave the ends in) Martini glass dishcloth - I can't find the website I got the pattern from if I find it in my mess of knitting links I'll post it
(I swear the stitches aren't wonky it's on a cake pedastal that dips in which is why it looks strange)

yesterday I went and played tennis for the first time in a long time like a year and it went as well as can be expected
then after we were done I thought it was a good idea if we ran around the track for a mile - bad idea I got about 100 yards before I had terrible cramps in my legs and could barely move - they still hurt today - my friend then ran around for the entire mile makeing me feel totally out of shape and generally like a loser so we are going to do it again next week


Anonymous Clare said...

What type of yarn did you use for the martini dishcloth??

23/8/06 09:06  
Blogger Kelly said...

Sugar N Cream in Navy Blue

23/8/06 12:43  

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