Monday, July 17, 2006

baby hats 2 down 4 to go

So I finished the cabled baby hat
I don't know if it's the cables or something else that makes it look very narrow and very long - we'll see someday I suppose how it looks on an actual baby. I have plans to knit 4 more hats but the last two don't need to be done until sometime in October or early November for a baby shower so I have plenty of time.

So then I started a martini glass dishcloth for a family I know with the last name of Martini I got about half of it done before the heat of the day rendered me unable to knit any longer.


Blogger alliesw said...

Oh, baby hats, I LOVE baby hats--just finished some. They are adorable and impressive and quick all at the same time! Great job on yours!

18/7/06 22:28  

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