Thursday, July 06, 2006

Picture Catch Up

So here's the hat that I worked on at my family reunion - 2 of my grandma's sisters know how to knit so I got some questions about what I was making (besides people asking if I was pregnant because I was knitting a baby hat).
I started on a second hat with cables which is making me despise the addi naturas even more I really hate them - give me turbos any day.
And then my closet photo so well organized now. I still need to put the other suitcase full of shoes back in but other than that it's loaded up and very well organized and even has a knitting section it store my giant ziploc bags full or yarn and the knitting books that kept falling off the coffee table.


Blogger Crystal said...

When is the baby due. : ) Just kidding. The hat looks cute and the closet looks organized. When can you start work on mine.

6/7/06 12:16  

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