Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More Stash

So this past weekend I made another trip to the Fold. Toni helped me get the wheel I got at the beginning of summer back in working order. I also bought some Merino to practice with. I took my spinning class over a year ago and definitely need more practice.

I also picked up some more STR mediumweight (Carbon Dating) and some Blue Moon Silk Thread which I've found is too fine for the intended project but I like it so I'm going to try to make it work.

I bought a new pink counter - I wanted another one that locked and this one is bigger than the mini green Clover one I have so that's nice.

I also bought a miscellany of needles that I needed more of...

Tonight I also finished my Red Scarf Project which needs to be mailed off tomorrow, hopefully during my lunch break at work. I used the famed twisted stockinette stitch made famous be the pidge. I also got a full repeat of chart A done on Bayerische just a million left to go.


Blogger Crystal said...

I'am glad to hear your wheel is working. Love the sock yarn too!

10/10/07 10:39  
Blogger Jessica said...

Only a million more repeats to go on Bayerische? Luckily, they are nice, easy charts! That silk thread is awfully yummmy, too.

10/10/07 15:08  

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