Wednesday, October 03, 2007


So I took Bayerische to meetup last night and came home with 4 less rows of knitting then I started with... that's not the kind of progress I was looking for. I started knitting row 5 and realized that it was just wrong I switched charts B&D and then switched back and then swapped again for maximum sock wrongness : )
So I think the lesson I've learned from this is I can't knit Bayerische at meetup anymore. I need to come up with an easy project or at least easier than Bayerische and more portable than the rug with 3 lb cones of yarn to bring along...


Anonymous erica said...

You don't want to lug 3+ pounds of yarn? Where's your sense of adventure?

3/10/07 23:40  
Blogger Michelle said...

You could knit a teddy bear like I am...nice and easy meetup knitting

4/10/07 20:57  

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