Monday, September 03, 2007

Starting Christmas Early

So I got out my dye stuff on Thursday night and started working on Christmas projects this weekend. I had my mom pick up a pair of these busing tubs which worked out really well for my dying, I was using two colors and it was easier to keep the poured on colors separated in the little wells while the dye was exhausting. I had to do three applications of one of my colors, which won't be shown here so it took longer than I had anticipated to get a darker color, I ended up using a combination of kool-aid and Wilton cake colors.

I also picked up these two items at Coach Saturday night which were both on sale for the Labor Day weekend : )

It is also suddenly Christmas stocking season : ) I have two to work on in the next few weeks and spent some time working on that over this holiday weekend after picking up the yarn at the Yarn Exchange in DeKalb.. there's a link to them in my sidebar. I think they have every color of yarn that Brown Sheep makes, they really have an amazing selection.


Blogger Crystal said...

I want a Coach bag or two. I can't wait to see the hand dyed yarn. : )

4/9/07 08:58  
Anonymous Jessica said...

Christmas? Are you kidding? First you start with the Bayerische socks, then you mention Latvian mittens, and now you throw Christmas in our faces. We mortals simply cannot keep up.

5/9/07 09:45  
Blogger Michelle said...

Yeah! What Jessica said! I'm not doing no stinkin' Christmas knitting this year. (Except for a pair of Monkey socks for my mom...but only because they didn't fit me!)

5/9/07 20:22  

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