Monday, August 20, 2007

catch up & demolition

So Saturday I (well my Dad) ripped out the cupboards that were in my garage so I can put in open shelving. We put them on my curb and hoped someone would take them. No luck so tonight after work I spent an hour hammering and hacksawing and unscrewing and they are mostly taken apart.

I also did a few more rows on my 2nd Bayerische.

And started working on an absorbo mat (from Mason Dixon Knitting) which is quite the change from Bayerische. Going from size 0 to size 17 is a bit of a shock to the system but the knitting sure does go faster.


Blogger MorgSz said...

How funny! i'm going to be making the bath mat with the yarn I got from Erica, too! I'm *very* close to finishing the toe of the first sock. I'm a little concerned that I will run out of yarn. It's going to be very very very close.

21/8/07 12:09  
Blogger Michelle said...

Cool - I am working on a rug for my bathroom (not a bathmat though) on size 11's. I started it in March and it is mostly hibernating because it is so boring I can't stand it. Yours has enough color to be fun though, I think.

21/8/07 19:32  

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