Monday, August 13, 2007


So I am finally done with the first sock of Bayerische. I can't believe it took as long as it did to finish just the first sock but it is finally done... and now I have something to look forward to... sock two......
I finished with a small ball or yarn left I probably would have had plenty of yarn to knit another repeat on the leg portion if I would have wanted to do that (I wear size 8 shoes). I wish that I would have changed the toe and knit a few more rows straight and then grafted more than 16 stitches.
I did feel slightly smug that there was a mistake in the toe directions, a small victory but it made me feel a little better none the less.

Here are my purchases from Stitches this past Saturday. We loaded into the car around 11ish from my house and got back close to 7 and this is the only yarn that I got. 2 skeins of lightweight STR Love in Idleness and Minestone (which I thought said Minestrone, which maybe should inspire me to dye sock yarn and name it after soups per Melissa's idea) and then I got 1 skein of Scottish Highlands medium weight which I am planning to use them for some mittens.
I also picked up some glow in the dark yarn from Jessica which I plan on delivering Thursday at meetup.


Anonymous Erica said...

When I saw the photo, I thought it said Minestrone too!

14/8/07 06:41  
Blogger MorgSz said...

So two things - I'm about to start the heel. What is the error in the toe? I should probably know about it, in case I ever get that far. Also, I'm not going to be there on Thursday :( In the meantime, you could play fun glow-in-the-dark games! Hide and Seek with my yarn! Ally-ally-in-free!

14/8/07 15:21  
Blogger Michelle said...

I thought it was Minestrone too, up until you posted that it wasn't!

14/8/07 19:39  

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