Tuesday, September 18, 2007

candy show

I went to the candy show downtown again this year and her is my stash of candy, I don't think this picture shows the depth. My favorite thing was the Eiffel bonbons, you can see part of the tin I got in the middle which may help give you an idea of the depth of this pile, it's about 4 inches high. We used to sell these bonbons as a fundraiser for my French club in high school so it was fun to see them. I haven't tasted them again since I ate so many other candies while I was there. I have to pack them up in my bag to bring to work tomorrow luckily I got some to keep and some to take to work.
On the knitting front it's 90 today so I had to turn my A/C back on and when it finally cools off I'm going to refinish the toe of stocking number one and start stocking number 2. I started working on untangling the yarn I dyed (which several people said "it's not as bad as you think it is) I got about 3 yards untangled in an hour last night... so feel free to come over and untangle.


Blogger The Long Family said...

Um... that's a lot of candy. Please send some to me... my address is...

18/9/07 18:43  

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