Saturday, August 04, 2007

Heel Turned

So Thursday night

I finished turning the heel of my Bayerische sock and started working on the decreases. I think it looks pretty good, there are a couple of spot that you can tell one of the plies wasn't knit in but not much I can do about that.... one of the corners is a little holey but I picked up an extra stitch and knit it through the back loop and it doesn't show too much when you put it on I think the 2 circs might just put more pull on it while I am knitting then wearing them will...

I can't believe when I am done with this sock I have to make another......


Blogger Michelle said...

Looking good... I am one full repeat of chart D past the heel, and feel like I am never going to finish this thing, let alone make another.

6/8/07 19:47  

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