Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Updated Progress

so here's the

picture of the blanket after the first 100 rows

And here's the picture after 150 rows that I finished last night. I got my 25 rows done today and then have another 25 and the bind off to finish for tomorrow...Looks like I will be able to finish tomorrow.
Here's the picture of the progress of the Bayerische socks from most of our knitting group participants. Mine is of course the one with the least progress though after I'm done with the blankets I hope to catch up a bit I'm pretty sure I won't finish by tomorrow and beat Melissa but what can you do?


Blogger Michelle said...

Yay! Did you finish the blanket in time?

I expect you will have blown right past me on the Bayerische by next week.

12/7/07 21:40  
Anonymous erica said...

No sock progress to report? Did you finish the blanket? I need blog updates! =)

17/7/07 12:37  

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