Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kissing Booth

The last time I was at the Fold in May it was the weekend of Maryland Sheep and Wool, so Toni the owner was in Maryland and she left her son in charge of the shop. Melissa, Erica and I arrived and shortly after two other fairly large groups arrived. There were probably about 15 women in the shop all together. I'm sure the giggling and general girlishness were at top levels. When we were going to check out Melissa was still questioning her purchase and I reminder her that there was one skein of STR lightweight out, hearing me say this Toni's son mentioned that they shouldn't have it out. I went and grabbed it and asked him if I got a prize. He said, "This isn't a kissing booth." which is probably the oddest thing you'll ever hear in a yarn store, to which I replied, "So you're telling me you don't want to kiss me." So his face turned bright red and he may have stuttered for a few seconds, I'm not sure if it was out of shock or embarrassment.
The rest of the day of course anytime anyone questioned something or said something one of the three of us would say, well this isn't a kissing booth and then fall into hysterical laughter. He was also working at the Midwest Folk and Fiber Festival this past weekend and every time we saw him one or more of us would burst into laughter, I'm fairly certain it didn't have the impact on him that it had on us because he didn't seem to remember any of us. A problem that I took care of by telling the story to his mom and suggesting that maybe Kissing Booth would be a great name for a colorway of Socks that Rock... we'll see if it comes out soon.


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LOLZ and DPNz ;)

Maybe I should send this story to Tina at might inspire her!

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