Saturday, July 07, 2007

Another blanket

I finally cast this on Thursday night around 9:30 while watching Wimbledon. I worked on it last night sadly while watching Andy Roddick lose. He was playing so well at the beginning I really thought he was going to win and have a chance against Federer. I still have hope that Nadal can take Federer in the final and that Andy will take a few notes and be able to win the US Open.

So I've got about 10% of the blanket done and ned to have it finished by Thursday so I am hoping to get at least half done over this weekend.

I'm also adding another picture of the bubble cable blanket just because one doesn't seem like enough : ) I took the pictures of the bubble blanket at my aunts house so I have a nicer backdrop than my couch or my kitchen table!


Blogger Larjmarj said...

Great looking blanket! Nice work.

9/7/07 00:11  

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