Monday, July 23, 2007

Folk and Fiber Festival

So to build up nourishment for our foray to the Folk and Fiber festival Melissa made these sheep cookies. Guess what kind of sheep they are.
The festival was great I would go again. I didn't really buy anything but that was mostly because I've been thinking about how much stash yarn I have and feeling a little bit guilty.
I've also been knitting a lot of interruption projects, things I have to stop knitting things for myself and just get done.
One of my favorite booths was Jennie the Potter her stuff was awesome - she'll be at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool. I bought a small magnet from her but would love to buy more when (hopefully) I get to WI sheep and wool.

I also made a little progress on Bayerische, I worked on it Thursday at knitting and then a little bit today. Because I was joining the masses and reading Harry Potter yesterday. I finished it in about 8 1/2 hours which wasn't too bad. I got done just in time to get to bed.


Blogger Michelle said...

Oops, I read this after I sent you an email about HP. It took me about 8 hours I think.

I still think you should go to Stitches to keep me company, stash guilt or no. :P

23/7/07 21:12  

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