Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So I finished 96 of the 100 rows I wanted to get done over the weekend. My allergies got the best of me so I went to bed early instead of finishing the last four rows.
I made up for those 4 rows yesterday and did one extra so I have finished 126/200 and have until Thursday to be done. I won't be gifting it until Saturday so I will have extra time to weave in ends if I need to. Though I will have a long drive to Rochester, MN, for Norbyfest 2007 on Friday night so being done Thursday really would be the best option.
I also noticed that the variegated cotton tots only have 3oz instead of 3.5oz so I need to go and buy one more skein on my way home from work tomorrow.
I'll post a picture of the first 96 rows tonight or tomorrow : )


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