Monday, May 22, 2006

What I did this weekend

Saturday I did nothing but lay on the couch with a migraine what a great way to spend a day.
Sunday I was feeling mostly better and decided to start closet organizer construction I spent an hour and a half prying the old plywood and metal shelf out and scraping the liquid nails from the wall. The satanic company I bought my closet organizers from suggested installation should take about 30-45 minutes. I think this figure comes from someone with 8 arms..... they are apparently drunk all the time over there at Rubbermaid. I spent an hour and a half with the kit and this is as far as I got on installation the back bar is partway installed. Impressive isn't it - and my hand is blistered from screwing the screws into the studs the rest of the way when the drill stopped working.
When I was taking things out of the closet I found this cute little guy so now he is sitting on my couch it makes me feel a little better about the disaster I've made of my house...
and I found my 1964 Ringo Teen Screen that I thought was lost so all in all the things I found were good.
On friday I knit 2 more rows of my sock sitting in a parking lot waiting for my friends to arrive there was a guy who kept pacing at looking at me I'm choosing to think he was just admiring my new car and not thinking I was some sort of maniac : )


Blogger Crystal said...

Sounds like you had fun this weekend : ). And, perhaps the guy was looking at the cute girl in the car and not just the car.

22/5/06 10:35  

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