Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My prize came

My prize for sock 1763 came from ItGirl so a big thanks to her - I took a picture of the sock yarn and the cute postcard and then my camera batteries died so I took them out to charge them overnight then proceeded to bring the camera in without the batteries and I can only come up with 3 batteries here and it takes 4 so I'll update the pictures tomorrow.
*apparently the picture of my prize yarn got deleted from my camera when I knocked the camera onto the floor and the batteries flew out

It's Regia Jubilee I think the colorway was Oslo don't hold me to that! *edited to add here's the pick and I was right it is Oslo :)

I also painted the closet yellow and got the other back rail installed and that was it - I didn't feel well again yesterday so nothing got accomplished so tonight it must be finished before I can have company tomorrow as well as cleaning my entire house - should be interesting.....
Here's the yellos - it's called illuminate

*photos added 5/25/06


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