Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I don't like lightening or thunder anymore

Last night we had a terrible rainstorm complete with hail and lightening - it rained so hard the street was flooded over the curb. Which you can't see too well since I took the picture through a rain covered window.

Then the lightening started and I started smelling smoke - why because my neighbors house got struck by lightening and started on fire. This is what the smoke looked like from my front door the house is behind the front house and to the right of the yellow one I didn't think the fire men would appreciate me coming to take a picture for my blog so I stayed by my house.

I decided if I still had power what better a time to practice dyeing? So I got out some KoolAid packets and a crockpot and began the dyeing process.

Here is the first color I added someone may or may not have read the directions correctly and may have not dissolved the dye in enough water which made the colors strong on the top layers and pretty much non existant on the bottom layers. I think the yellow makes it look like buttered spaghetti.

Here is what it looked like after all the colors were added. Ane what it looked like while it was drying.


Blogger vi said...

it looks wonderful
I love the colors
you need to try magenta and orange next with the yellow


31/5/06 13:03  
Blogger Crystal said...

Looks great. I love the colors. can't wait to see it knitted up :)

31/5/06 15:02  
Blogger Jess said...

That looks very yummy! I saw that storm - it mostly went south of us. I wondered how bad it got. Guess I know, now :)

31/5/06 19:50  

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