Thursday, May 25, 2006

One Closet Done One To Ignore Indefinetely

So here's what I did yesterday after work. I installed the back rails without too much incident then onto the easy part (finally). It took about 6 hours to get this all the way installed (minus painting time so it was like a 10 hour project). The video they have on the website said about 30 minutes so it took me about 10 times as long as suggested. It makes you feel smart I tell you. But most of the stuff that belong in the closet has been loaded back in with great success. I still have the 8 ft shelf leaning against the wall it's too heavy for me to carry by myself so it may stay there for a while. The closet in my room has a ten foot shelf I don't think I can get it out by myself so I'll have to find helpers for that.
I also got my test sock yarn to start practicing dyeing with..


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