Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sock 1763

I won a prize for knitting sock 1763 in RosebyAny's 200socks , so I get a prize from ItGirl - isn't that nice! Here's two pictures of the winning sock.

Also as promised the pictures of Lorna's Laces - the first picture you can see the skeins of yarn on the dying table.

Here you can see the partially colored skeins and Beth the owner of Lorna's Laces.

Here are some dyed skeins hung up and drying.

Here are the skeins of Shepherds sock that I picked up aren't they pretty?


Blogger Crystal said...

Hey lucky you! I hope you won something good. The sock looks great too. If you decide you don't like the purple and green sock yarn from Lorna's Lace I know someone who would be willing to take it off your hands or should I say feet : )

9/5/06 11:11  
Blogger erica said...

Kelly, lucky you! I'm so excited that it's someone I actually know who won. I just met Amie (RoseByAny) this past weekend. Have fun with the prize!

9/5/06 14:32  
Blogger trek said...

Way to go, Ms. 1763!
Did you know that Bayes' Theorem was first published in 1763? John Molson and Wolfe Tone were both born in 1763.

9/5/06 17:59  
Blogger itgirl said...

Wow, and here I just picked 1,763 at random.

9/5/06 23:03  

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