Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One Armed Bandit

Here's the picture of the first sleeve finally attached to the sweater. Monday night I didn't do any knitting so I finished sleeve number one last night. I did the sleeves on two circulars instead of using dpns. The problem I discovered with this is that if you are an idiot you don't remember which side is the beginning (more like don't pay attention) and instead of putting the stitches on the holder from the beginning of the round you put the opposite sides stitches on the holder and then instead of putting them onto a dpn or something to knit from you knit them off of the wrong side of the stitch holder...over the loop because that's apparently easier.
And I did the cast on for sleeve two before I decided to concentrate on figure skating.
I was thinking I should find a background other than my couch for the pics since they are very similar it makes the photos less interesting.


Blogger Crystal said...

Lookin good. I love the color by the way. Did I ever tell you that.

22/2/06 11:36  

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