Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Glasses

I got new glasses on Monday - here's a picture I took of myself this morning - You can't really see the color on the sides but when you are taking a picture of yourself you can't really expect too much :)

I worked on my sweater last night as well I got the first 3 decreases done so I'm on about row 33 - it doesn't really look too much different than it did yesterday just add about 12 rows of stockinette on to the top. I did my knitting while watching Can't Buy Me Love from Tivo - that's a great movie- everyone loves Patrick Dempsey know because of Grey's Anatomy they should have loved him because of Can't Buy Me Love - not everyone can be a lawn boy.


Blogger Crystal said...

I love the glasses. I didn't see that movie. I must rent it!

16/2/06 10:45  
Blogger Just Me said...

Hi Kelly-

I like your new glasses, and I wanted to congratulate you on your Olympic progress tonight! You go girl!


16/2/06 23:05  
Blogger Vanessa said...

Cute glasses.Very sassy.

17/2/06 15:13  

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