Friday, February 17, 2006

Here's how far I am on my knitting Olympics sweater there is definately some progress being made - I am done doing teh decreases for the bottom and have to do some measuring of myself when I get home to see how much to knit plain before I starting doing the increases... To give a size reference the ribbing at the bottom is about 4 inches so the body of the sweater is about8 1/2 to 9 inches right now. I really like the sisik because of course it's discontinued, at least I know I have enough yarn for it.

Knitting Meetup was last night and some of us (maybe not me) have been hard at working making our squares. Our total is up to 18 we need to have 98 to make two afghans so I need to get working when I am done with the Olympic Knitting. This is a terrible of the pile of squares on my table!

My final spinning class is tomorrow, at least I hope it's my final one, I'm a bit remedial so you never know : ) Hopefully I'll have a picture of the yarn I spun for Monday!


Blogger Crystal said...

Go, Kelly, Go! You are just knitting away. Is there smoke flying off the needles when you knit? :)

17/2/06 11:01  

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