Monday, February 06, 2006

Pinwheel blanket

So this weekend I went to spinning class on Saturday and spun some horrific yarn - it didn't go so well - I may have to sign up for remedial spinning.
Then I drove through the snow and got to help babysit Jonah which was great.
I went to a superbowl party yesterday and worked on the pinwheel blanket - I knitted it on to all the size 7 circular needles that I have to take a picture but it's still hard to tell how big it is... and then I left my camera in the car so I'll have to add pictures to this post tomorrow... I'm on about row 88 so I got quite a few rows done but still have about a skein and a half to finish knitting before Friday.
I have meetup tomorrow so that's good I should get some done then, so I can get the olympic sweater started friday.


Blogger erica said...

I'll send you an Excel file that helps you figure out how large your Pinwheel blanket is. Mine turned out to be larger than I expected.

6/2/06 13:05  

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