Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Panic Knitting

My SIL got checked into the hospital last night at which point I thought maybe I should start that baby gift at which point I decided it was probably time for all out panic! I'm sure I can get it done by the weekend right?
it's small at least that's one thing in my favor!

I started when I got home last night and worked 6 rows before going to meetup at which point I realized I had done 5 of the 6 rows wrong oops... So I got home after 2 hours of meetup and have 1 less row done then when I got there : ) Oh well.

Also I booked my ticket to Germany so I will be heading out on September 29th do visit Sarah in Germany! I'm very excited to go and have been listening to learn German CDs in the car and uploaded them to my IPod so I can knit and learn German all at once.


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