Thursday, August 17, 2006

So this is what I got out during Project Runway last night - I had to fix a pair of work pants that had a tiny 2 inch hole in the rump area which is now repaired. I am hoping that if I leave out the machine I'll start to feel more and more guilty about not making my living room curtains and that this guilt may catapault me into action. I'm getting a temporary roommate over the weekend so I plan on using her as forced labor in hanging the curtain rods. It's too hard to hold a level and a drill and curtain rod pieces at the same time.
I worked some more yesterday on steaming the mittens and more steam did relax the side bump more so I think the wet blocking should solve the problem. I posted 2 pictures because neither of them was a good shot of the whole mitten. If anyone is thinking that I've lost all sense of good taste to have this material somewhere in my house don't worry it's just the ironing board cover : ) I didn't work the thumb yet but that's what I plan to bring to meetup tonight so there should be picture of the palm tomorrow or Monday when it's been fully blocked!


Blogger Crystal said...

The mitten looks fab. Great Job!!!

17/8/06 12:50  

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