Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cardigan update

I think I have about 8 inches done on the cardigan so I have about 6 more to do before I but aside the sleeve stitches and stop to knit the sleeves.
I also had help last night in the form of Melissa ripping out my Clapotis progress because it was never going to be finished in this life time and also she ripped out my branching out progress because there were two mistakes and she reknit the first 3 repeats for me though she did skip a row so I need to rip back a few rows to put in the missing row so the leaves are the right size ; )


Anonymous Melissa said...

you don't have to rip back the Branching out - it's a design element, I tell you! That one set of dainty leaves really sets off the pattern. And brings out your eyes. Yeah, that's it.

30/8/06 09:29  

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