Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm falling apart

so last night I finished the last few rows of the mitten shaping and pulled the ends into the middle to tighted the closure - then I realized I hadn't pulled the inside threads but the two strands that were from the cast on and the color join - oops - then I took a needle and pulled the yarn back from it's miniscule size back to actual stitch size
then I tried to tighten the top stitches which didn't go very well there are two white loops that are way too big so I plan on doing some surgery tonight on those
then at 11pm I decided before I went to bed I should try and give the mitten some steam to see if the side stitches next to the seam stitches would come unpuckered - steam didn't do it so after I finish the thumb I'll be doing some wet blocking to try and correct that....
in non knitting news I think I may have broken my toe - it's black and blue and swollen and painful but I can move it but it's above the joint so I don't know?
don't trip while trying to move your elliptical trainer barefoot no good will come of it


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