Monday, August 21, 2006

as they say

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger - and apparently no one has ever had a nervous breakdown because of curtains before but I tell you I am on the verge.
I got out all my material on Saturday around 1 oclock to start the curtain making extravaganza I laid everything out got out the cutting mat, the rotary cutter and the matching thread I bought for the curtains, got myself all organized at which point the power went out. There wasn't enough light for cutting and I couldn't use the sewing machine so I did what every resourceful knitter would do - I started a new project. Above is my first 30 rows of Sitcom Chic in some red cotton ease from my stash.
When the lights came on I decided I should probably do a little cleaning up around the house so I put all the cotton yarns back into their bag and somehow passed the next 3 hours at which time I began the odyssey that will be known as my curtains.
Saturday I began around 7 and stopped working around 11:30 (at which point I remembered I had put my sheets in the washer and never put them in the dryer). After four and half hours of labor this is what I had completed..
That's right just one half of one windows worth of curtains and it's not even done that was just one panel with the borders sewn on after 4 1/2 stinking hours. I decided despite not having sheets on my bed it was time to go to sleep and the fiber bed I have covers the mattress and is really soft anyways.
I woke up the next morning determined to make serious progress on the curtains, as my new roommate was arriving and my place was a complete disaster. I decided in lieu of folding over the edgings of all the curtains to sew them down and prevent ragged edgings I would probably be better of using a lining and they would make the curtains more energy efficient and room darkening. So I made a voyage to Joanns and picked up yards and yards of muslin. I worked on the curtains for another 4 hours on Sunday and guess how many I have done? that 's right I have sewn the lining to the half of a window worth of curtain that I had done on Saturday, by all estimations I think I should complete these curtains right before my 37th birthday in 10 years. Here's a picture that you can sort of see the material with the border fabric. If I ever finish these I'll take another picture, if there are any volunteers to come and finish these send me an email and I'll get you directions to my house :)


Blogger Jess said...

Perhaps when I come back from Wisconsin, we can have a curtain-making party. Of course, I need more than directions - I need an escort. :)

21/8/06 11:53  

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