Friday, September 22, 2006

My new camera came

it was on my front step when I got home from work yesterday (which I knew because I was checking the tracking every 30 minutes all day at work) so that was exciting - I plugged it in to charge up the battery and it wasn't done charging by the time I got to knitting so that was sad... It's supposed to charge in 2 hours and it was only 1:30 so I wasn't worried then I got home and it still wasn't charged so I thought maybe the plug couldn't plug in all the way so I moved it and then this morning it still wasn't charged.... so I brought it into work today and looked at the tiny picture to see how it was supposed to be put it so hopefully it's okay now and will be charged by 11 we shall see....
In knitting news I am 99% complete on my little knitting project, I just have to sew on the buttons and hopefully we will have pictures on Monday.
*Edited to add - the camera is now fully charged (apparently if you put the battery in correctly it will charge) and ready to use.


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