Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A flurry of inactivity

So during the work week last week I didn't knit a single stitch I can't explain why I just didn't which shortened my working deadline considerably so I had to knit for 3 hours last night and will do that same tonight (and then should be done)
I ordered a new camera yesterday so hopefully that will be arriving soon and ready for taking lots of pictures with a battery that is fully charged at all times (a girl can dream)
I haven't done too much research on my trip yet either and I have 3 days in germany by myself to explore so I should be looking things up and finding great places to go and learning more german
This weekend I'm going to my parents to celebrate my birthday/Elizabeth's baptism so that should be fun...
back to getting nothing accomplished..
is anyone has suggestions of things to do around Heidelberg Germany (besides visiting the yarn shop) leave a comment.


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