Tuesday, September 26, 2006

more pictures

Here are Elizabeth's tiny little feet sticking out from under here blanket right before baptism.

Jonah loves digital camera he likes that he can see the picture of the little screen right after it's taken. My grandma took a picture of him and he was awfully mad that she wouldn't show him the picture, her camera isn't digital so all he could see was the black panel covering the film. He's so cute its hard not to show him the picture when he reaches for it so nicely.

And in my normal fashion I forgot to take a picture of the knitting stuff i got for my birthday - I got folk mittens, the twisted sister sock workbook, and folk knitting in Estonia - I also got a yarn suitcase (well an organizer on wheels) and a yarntainer so I should be well organized and able to keep my yarn clean.


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