Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Norbyfest 2006

Well we had no frozen custard taste tests this year so it was a little disappointing - it was also 99 degrees on Saturday while we were outside picnicking. All in all I think this years event was successful. We also decided every 7th year will be a destination Norbyfest so in 2010 we will be going somewhere tropical.
I finished a dishcloth while I was there and started a new one then realized I casted on the number of stitches that should have been the number of rows so I ripped it out and didn't start another one.
Tonight when I go to meetup I am going to work on the jaywalker socks again - last meetup I finished the 1st nine rows and that's all the progress I've made on them so tonight I'll be working on those and will take a picture of my progress for tomorrow's post.
I also learned that you should never leave a candle in your car when it's 99 degrees even for a short time... any one know how to get wax off of a car's upholstery?


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