Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the waiting is over

I got home from work yesterday and this was at my front door! I ordered the grill on March 8th and it had finally arrived. The package was lost so the resent me another one.

I got home early because I saw online that my package was out for delivery and I didn't want to wait another day since I had already been waiting since March 8th.
About 15 minutes later my doorbell rang and the delivery man was there with another grill. The first grill that had arrived was the lost package. I think the man thought I was crazy when he put the package down and saw inside another grill. So now I have to wait for the return label to come to return the second grill. But I can finish putting the one I am keeping together to use sometime soon : )

In other news my parsley looks like parsley already so that is pretty exciting!

There is limited progress on my Clapotis. I have learned that I have trouble reading. This problem surfaced when I was making Colleen's shawl and has one again resurfaced. For some reason I thought the increase rows were to be repeated 13 times. Wrongo the directions clearly state 7 so after I had done 9 full repeats I reread the directions and ripped back about 30 rows. But I did do my first repeat of the straight rows and got to drop one section (bottom left corner of the pic).


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