Thursday, March 30, 2006

Afghan Squares and Such

Just thought I would share our great organizational technique for our warm up america afghans - we sorted out the squares into to aghans and then sorted them each into a pile of 7 since the blankets are 7x7. The warm up america site suggested making the long strips first. We cut 6 lengths of grey to tie each pile together with and everyone was able to pick up a pile and start sewing the short sides together it went more quickly than we had anticipated and most of the strips were sewn together.

In other news - my auction ended for my campbells soup dress at $520 yippee for me!

And my basil and parsley are growing wonderfully I think I put in way too many seeds to I may take some out and give them to people in tiny paper cups. The rosemary still hasn't popped up so I may toss a few more seeds in to the empty third to see if I can make them grow.

I also have everything ready to send in for the Windy City Knitting Guild except my check because my checkbook is at home - so that will have to wait until tomorrow.


Blogger Vanessa said...

We were SO organized. Thanks again for hosting!!
Where can I see a pic of this dress?

31/3/06 09:43  

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