Monday, March 27, 2006

the best thing to do

When you are having company is obviously starting some home improvement projects
like tearing down wallpaper on a wall that looks okay - not the greatest but you wouldn't be totally humiliated to have people see it.
With this in mind I spent yesterday afternoon ripping apart my house - literally : )
I primed the wall after I tore down the wallpaper and it looks okay - it's again a plain white wall - it took some sanding and some spackling but its done. I'm going to just rehang my shelf with campbells soup stuff and wait for summer and some help before I paint it.
Then I decided to take down the tie back things that were mind boggling different over the three windows in the dining room and living room - why is this mind boggling? because there were 2 different ones in the living room not 2 of the same in the living room and a separate one in the dining room. The top screws were stripped and I made this lovely whole trying to get one of them out - the two that were shells instead of fleur-di-lis just ripped some paint of the wall -so now I have this whole and 3 of the hook things left. Delightful.
Here's a picture of my dry erase magnet board nice and propped up with my pattern on the couch. And here's a picture of my clapotis's progress it's not much but I've been busy : )


Blogger Crystal said...

You have been a busy bee this weekend. The shawl is coming along nicely keep up the good work. : )

27/3/06 13:14  
Blogger Just Me said...

I want one of those magnet boards- that's too cool!

29/3/06 00:52  

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