Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring is Springing

This is the pot of herbs I planted about a week or so ago on Friday - they popped through the soil (well 2 or the 3 plants came through - one is supposed to take 7 days longer than the others) I was very excited to see they were actually growing.

And here is how the plants looked this morning they grew a lot over the weekend!

Here's Colleens Shawl - I had Crystal over for some knitting Saturday afternoon (we both worked on shawls) and I had a goal of finishing the shawl by that night. I was working and working and working and noticed I still had 3 rows left to go and only had about 5 yards of yarn left. I looked at the directions and realized I was supposed to work to 115 stitched not 155 I had gone too far - so I ripped back a row at a time cutting the fringe so there are 121 stitches in the last row instead of 115. So I ripped out and cut fringe until about midnight on Saturday and started binding off but didn't finish that until Sunday morning and then I added the fringe. Hopefully I will cast on for my Clapotis tonight and get started on that. It's a lovely grassy green.


Blogger Crystal said...

The shawl turned out really pretty.

20/3/06 13:14  
Blogger Vanessa said...

The shawl is lovely.

21/3/06 09:40  

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