Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patricks Day

This is a picture I took last week while I was driving to Jonah's birthday party - near the bottom of the pic in the center you can see a tiny bit of the rainbow and the dark spot in the middle right is dirt from my windshield - probably would have turned out better if the picture wasn't taken while moving or through the windshield.

Here are the three charity squares I made so far! We are up to 75 squares. We need 23 more so that should be easy to do.

And here's a picture of my Olympic Sweater I wore it to work yesterday but I took the picture of myself and it looks terrible and I'm wearing my pajama pants which clash with the sweater.

Here's an update of Colleen's shawn I have about 23 more rows to do then bind off and add fringe. It's been interesting working with the size 17 needles. It's gone pretty fast but the railroad yarn likes to catch on the tip of the needle so sometimes I have to pull the yarn off and it's so loops it gets stretched out in some parts.


Blogger Crystal said...

Wow, You have been really busy knitting away. The projects look really nice. Love the nature shot too!

17/3/06 09:33  
Anonymous jennifer said...

Your sweater turned out great!!!

18/3/06 08:10  

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