Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Perfectionism and the Knitter

I don't know if anyone else struggles with perfectionism like I do - in my mind I'm the only crazed lunatic who wants everything perfect and without struggle and without trying. I know on some level I'm not the only one that's ever worked hours on a project only to discover the pizazz I originally saw in my head or in a swatch (sometimes I do swatch, well in my life I have) just doesn't come out the same way as I wanted in the real project and then I throw my hands up in disgust lay my needles down and do what any person would do - ignore ignore ignore. I mean why tackle the problem head on get it over with get it fixed get it right I think it's a much better plan to pretend like the project doesn't exist leave it in your knitting bag untouched for weeks and when you walk by with pieces of mocha microspun screaming at you like they are your best friend you haven't seen since high school pretend you have no idea why.
I'm a little disgruntled with my blanket progress. I haven't worked on it since my aunt said something like "it should be twice as long as it is now when it's done right" I know she was just trying to picture what the world's greatest gift was going to look like once finished but I can't help but go into ignore mode. Even knowing this I haven't touched it but I did knit a few rows on my jaywalker sock so at least that's something.
It seems I've hit one of those sluggish knitting periods when it just isn't tempting to knit anything and I should just continue to look at pretty pictures of yarn and pattern books until I just want to get all my unfinished projects out of the way. Though I do have some projects that I started 2 years ago that aren't any further than they were last time I put them down but I'm sure the urge will strike they are pretty cables after all.


Blogger Crystal said...

Sounds like you need a break from knitting. This may be a good time to start spinning again with your spindle. Just a thought. : )

29/3/07 11:15  

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